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This journal is not a journal.

It's not supposed to be here. I have no idea how you came in. It just doesn't exist, I'm sorry. I don't update it, I don't even wanted to make it. I just wanted to participate to the ljbahai community, that's it. What's this journal thing.

On the left you might find a link to my portfolio site and a funny bio.
Those are the only things I can offer you, at the moment.

To be honest, I did want to have a journal or a blog or something like that. I was planning to have it quite soon, but this is skipping in favour of more urgent stuff. Of course, this might change if you really really really want me to have a blog, and therefore you can inundate me of emails (if you find a way to get my real email address) or comment here in order to convince me to make it.

Now I'm going to try the community I made the lj account for.
Have a nice day,

ps.: yes, I'm posting at 5.26 am. That's me.
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